Dr. Bahby Banks NAH Tired of Pandemic Pi



tired of this 

pandemic, too.

You've probably heard the names:




"The 'Rona".​



While coronavirus (COVID-19) risk might unclear for some 

there is ONE thing that is very clear:

We don't want you to have it.

Not A Host is a digital and print campaign created to educate, empower and uplift the most marginalized communities in our country.  COVID-19 has shone a light on the systems created centuries ago that have led to deeply-rooted inequities that persist in Black and brown communities.  

To this day.

Why is COVID-19 impacting Black and Brown communities more than others?

#NAH Junior Ambassador STEM Program


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Interested in STEM?

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What do we mean "host"? 

So, I can be a host and spread the virus

 with or without symptoms?


This is what scientists and doctors have learned (and are still learning) about the virus.

Some people with COVID-19 can have NO symptoms.
Some people with COVID-19 can have the WORST of symptoms.

In both cases, they can spread the virus to others.

This is why everyone needs to practice the 3Ws.
It's almost impossible to know who has the virus and who does not.
(Until they get a test, of course!)

Protect yourself.

Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 1.00.49 PM.png

Wear a mask. 

Distance yourself six feet  away from other people.

Wash your hands.

So, what CAN we actually do?

Black man popcorn AdobeStock_149773650.j


We know that everyone's situation is not the same. Some people have internet access and some do not. 

Some people live with a house full of family members.
Some live alone. 

Whatever your situation, our team will be providing ideas for you to #keepitright during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check them out below!