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Why is COVID-19 impacting some races

worse than other races?

Very good question.  
The disparities we've seen in COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths are not due to anyone's race.  
Genetically, b
eing Black, Latinx, First People, Native American, Asian or White does not make you more likely to get COVID-19.  In fact, There is no genetic or scientific evidence that shows one race is genetically different from another.

"Races" were made up hundreds of years ago to define and separate people for power, status and wealth.

So, if race is not the culprit, what is?


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The "N.A.H." team encourages everyone to stay healthy, focused and well over the course of the pandemic.

 We want to hear from you! Share ways we can #KeepItRight by:

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Nominate A Hero

"Stay-At-Home" orders might imply that everyone has the privilege of remaining indoors during this global pandemic. 


We know this is not case for many of our dedicated frontline workers from diverse and culturally-rich communities.

Please take a few minutes to nominate someone from your community to be honored and celebrated as part of our NAH heroes series. 

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